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Gaels Theatre Guild Troupe 4347 has received numerous state and national championship titles throughout the years! We are proud to showcase our award winning students here!

MTCA Group and Awards

MTCA Group and Awards

MTCS BGHS 03 28 2023 6

MTCS BGHS 03 28 2023 6

Performance company of SpongeBob and Jimmy Awards

Performance company of SpongeBob and Jimmy Awards





IMG_1569 (1)

IMG_1569 (1)

Entire Competition group

Entire Competition group



International Thespian Festival

International Thespian Excellence Award SUPERIOR (Thespy award)

2023 Solo Musical Theatre Performance Winner Zoe Diao: I Love Play Rehearsal
2023 Solo Mu
sical Theatre Performance Winner Marie Munoz: Fly, Fly Away

2023 Duet Musical Theatre Performance Winners Luke Martin & Marie Munoz: Tonight

2023 Solo Acting Winner Chandler Shulman: Julius Caesar/Prodigal Son


Duo Acting: Jealous Jane - Zoe Diao & Asia Lising 

Duet Musical Theatre: Some Things Are Meant to Be - Annabella Cross & Marissa Romero

Solo Musical Theatre: Last Midnight - Jordan Kadohiro

Solo Musical Theatre: The History of Wrong Guys - Asia Lising

Solo Musical Theatre: Hold On - Lillian Matthews

Solo Musical Theatre: Maria - Luke Martin

Solo Musical Theatre: I’m Here - Jasmine Onwutuebe

Solo Musical Theatre: Get Out and Stay Out - Marissa Romero

Solo Musical Theatre: Requiem - Brianna Sorrillo

Excellent Ranking

Contrasting Monologues: I Got A Balloon - Dominic Barr

Duo Acting: The War of the Worlds - Dominic Barr & Anthony Limjoco

Solo Musical Theatre: Worst Pies in London - Macey Carlovsky

Duet Musical Theatre: And Eve Was Weak - Audrey Lacap & Kelly Nguyen

Solo Musical Theatre: Flowers - Annika Laning

Solo Musical Theatre: In My Dreams - Bailey Lawrence

Duet Musical Theatre: Butter Outta Cream - Anthony Limjoco & Max Wieseler

Contrasting Monologues: So You’re Going to Take My Place/Minnie’s - Grace Logan

Solo Musical Theatre: I Dreamed a Dream - Jada Lomeli

Solo Musical Theatre: Being Alive - Christion Martin

Solo Musical Theatre: On My Own - Giavanna Palazzolo

Contrasting Monologues: A Few Good Men/The Producers - Logan Timmons

Solo Musical Theatre: Heart of Stone - Chloe Yamaguchi

Past Competition Results

2022 ITF Results

2020-2021 Award Winners

2020 ITF Results

2022-2023 Gaels Theatre Guild Honors & Championships

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