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Support Us

Thank you to our past donors who continue to help support our mission of striving for excellence through the performing arts. 

If you would like to join this distinguished list, please use the link below, or email

Our Donors

Angels $5,000+

The Barr Family

The Matthews Family

EL Wiegand Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Wieseler

Mrs. Victoria Fertitta (in memory of Mrs. Mary Cashman)

Producers $1000 - $4999

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Becker

The Cootes Family/APC

Adam and Leah Corrigan

Mr. & Mrs. David Fadell

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ricciardi

Mr. & Mrs. George Rogers

Directors $500 - $999

Ms. Taylor Bair and Family

Ms. Paige Carlovsky

The Golin Family

Mrs. Patricia Taris

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bernstein

Mr. & Mrs Timothy Brennan

Designers $100 - $499

The Conteduca Family

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Waltermeyer

Ms. Kayla Blevins

Mr. Scott Kreeger

Ms. Celeste Rizo

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Romero

Ms. Joyce Willis

Mr. & Mrs. James Stella

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McElhattan III

Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Martin

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